Building cloud tools
as unique as your business.


Sunstone Consuling specialises in building enterprise web applications for businesses of all sizes.

These can range from simple database or stock management tools, to more complex cloud applications allowing collaboration between different departments or organisations.

Web applications have the advantages of being cross-platform, requiring no installation, support or updates, and being accessible from a range of different devices and platforms, which allows for more flexible working.

Tools that grow as you do

Our focus is on providing tools that fit with, or extend your existing working methods. We place a lot of emphasis on discussing your needs and existing workflow, and working together to create an application that will prove effective to use and simple to implement.

In addition, we aim to make tools that can scale and adapt, so that as your organisation grows, the tools we have built can grow to accommodate your changing needs.

Case Study - ATQuote

ATQuote is an online quotation platform that was developed by Sunstone Consulting for equipment suppliers and assessment centres administering the Disabled Student's Allowance.

It allows suppliers to create an inventory of available products, enabling assessment centres to quickly generate quotes for the equipment they wish to recommend.

Using ATQuote means that assessment centres don't have to request quotes individually from suppliers. This speeds up their report writing, and the delivery of student support. It also allows centre administration staff to view and edit quotes that their assessors create, which improves quality assurance and makes it easy to amend errors quickly before reports are sent out.

In addition, when quotes are sourced using the platform, it removes the need for suppliers to respond to individual quote requests, which reduces their workload in turn.

ATQuote was approved by The Student Loans Company for use in the DSA sector in January 2015, and is now in use by over 500 Study Needs Assessors across 69 Assessment Centres.

If you believe that something similar would be useful for your business. Feel free to get in touch.